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smelling a rose Kate is a part of a team that has published a research paper on the connections between smells and cities. "When you are smell walking, you are often looking for the source of the odour, so the whole of our study was based on odour sources and what people actually noticed at and in specific environments," she explained. "We then looked at the words and the descriptors that came from that and compared them to social media and with that we found that there were correlations between what people were actually describing in their photographs." Armed with a "smell dictionary" that evolved from the city walks, Kate and the team analysed millions of images on Flickr and Instagram. They then used the geographical information from these images to build smell based maps of London and Barcelona. Image copyright SMELLYMAPS Image caption A smell based map showing levels of air pollution around Oxford Street in London Clicking on a street on the London map allows you to zoom in and see how people have described the area, using terms related to emissions, nature, food, animals or waste. But can something built on people's subjective impressions of what they're smelling bear any relationship to objective data on air quality? "Some people might say you're using social media, it's biased so you're just capturing most of the hipsters in East London," said Daniele Quercia, the computer scientist from Bell Labs who led the study. "To double check we collected air quality indicators for each street sector for London and we looked at the relationship between these indicators and the profile from the smelly maps." "We found that when there's a lot of nitrogen dioxide, then there are a lot of traffic emission related words. So, more or less the methodology works - there is a relationship between air pollution and the smelly maps." Nasal gazing There's growing scientific recognition of the power of our noses. A study in 2014 claimed that humans can discriminate at least 1 trillion olfactory stimuli .

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