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The future of malls: Why are so many department stores shutting - 3TV | CBS 5

Online shopping is changing the way some stores do business. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) Even if you are not an avid shopper, you have probably noticed some major retail stores shutting down. With online shopping destinations like Amazon and other sites, it's a sign of the times. But what does that mean for the future of shopping as we know it? Deals online are not only enticing, but convenient as well. Whatever you're looking for can be delivered right to your door, in a day, in some cases, in just a few hours. So why make the trip to the stores when you can accomplish the same thing through a key tap or an app? This is the issue luring shoppers away from actual stores -- and the stores are feeling it. Some stores are staying alive online, but closing up actual shops, and the ones left standing have a lot of work to do. "These stores are trying to reinvent themselves to meet this new consumer economy we are in, " says Enrique Lopez-Lira, a professor of economics and finance at Grand Canyon University . "People don't want to go just buy something at the store.

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Another bed-in-a-box business, Dromma (Swedish for “dream”) in Mooresville is owned by Derek Ridge, 26. Ridge’s company is just two years old. Their memory foam mattress line is made in Hickory and runs $549 for the twin and $949 for the California King. Like ViscoSoft, the mattress is rolled up in a box about 18”x18”x41”. The memory foam mattresses may be placed on a platform bed, box spring, Murphy bed, adjustable bed frame or even on the floor. Ridge agrees with T&N’s billboards. He said, “They are absolutely right. They are spot on. Mattress stores are greedy.” Dungan’s view is different. In his opinion, the problem is the idle time that the mattress sales associate has waiting on a limited number of customers to stop by a store with a lot of fixed overhead costs.

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