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The two teams have clashed over the Trump team's requests for information Obama aides fear could be used to eliminate government employees who worked on Obama priorities like climate change and minority rights overseas. Trump's team, meanwhile, has been frustrated by Obama's attempts to box Trump in with parting moves to block ocean drilling, declare new monuments and further empty out the Guantanamo Bay prison. While on his annual vacation in Oahu, Obama asserted himself forcefully on two foreign policy issues that put him in direct conflict with Trump. Obama directed the U.S. to defy tradition by allowing a U.N. Security Council resolution criticizing Israel on settlements to pass, then slapped Russia with sweeping penalties over U.S. allegations of hacking. The final days are Obama's last chance to define his presidency before his loses the bully pulpit and cedes his legacy to historians. For Obama, helping Americans understand how his two terms have reshaped American life is even more critical amid concerns that Trump may undo much of what he accomplished, including the health law. As Trump and Republicans vow to gut the Affordable Care Act, Democrats are working to devise a strategy to protect the law by exploiting GOP divisions about how to replace it.

Women did not wear pants, unlike the propaganda. Women all wore skirts. Even in the Eastern Bloc, misogyny is a constant. Although womanly flourishes were influenced by the patriarchy, communist women also used femininity to assert their power. In 1950s Hungary, Anni Halmi resisted with beautiful clothes, as described in Medvedevs essay Ripping Up the Uniform Approach. When children were required to wear school uniforms, Medvedev writes, Anni believes that this move was intended not to eliminate class differences but rather to cover them up, which was indicative of double standards and the duplicitous nature of the regime. So she bought a red rock-and-roll skirt from the black market. When communist women dress nicely, they show creativity and agency and show what you provided isnt enough and thats very political. Beauty cuts across class, and that can be threatening for the status quo, Medvedev says. When communist women dress nicely, they show creativity and agency and show what you provided isnt enough and thats very political. When Nazis occupied Paris, bringing their intimidating fascist military uniforms, French women responded by wearing platform shoes in defiance. You can occupy us, but you cant take our style, Medvedev says. Resistance has always been happening by altering uniforms because uniforms are really about control, controlling the body. Its true that, when imposed from the top, uniforms are an aggressive form of domination. They smother the body in coded information, making the wearer become whatever the establishment would like, robbing individual expression. Uniforms can be used and have been used throughout history to give people power and to take power away from people, says Emma McClendon, assistant curator of costume at the Museum at FIT, and the recent curator of the exhibition Uniformity . View gallery Photo: McCarthy/GettyImages Maoists in uniform in 1973.

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