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REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny/File Photo By Michael Holden | LONDON LONDON A former Libyan Islamist commander, who says he suffered years of torture by Muammar Gaddafi's henchmen after British and U.S. spies handed him over to Libya, was given permission on Tuesday to sue the British government and its former foreign secretary. Abdel Hakim Belhadj, a rebel leader who helped topple Gaddafi in 2011 and is now a politician, says he and his pregnant wife Fatima were abducted by U.S. CIA agents in Thailand in 2004

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and then illegally transferred to Tripoli with the help of British spies. Britain's Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed

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an appeal by the government to stop him taking legal action, paving the way for Belhadj and his wife to seek damages against former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, the domestic and foreign spy agencies MI5 and MI6, a senior former intelligence chief and relevant government departments. However, Belhadj has said he would drop the case if he was given a token payment of 1 pound ($1.21) and an apology from all the parties involved. "We hope that the defendants in this actionnow see fit to apologize to our clients and acknowledge the wrongs done, sothat they may turn the page on this wretched chapter of their lives and moveon," said lawyer Sapna Malik from Leigh Day, the London law firm representing Belhadj. Belhadj says he was originally detained in China, before being transferred to Malaysia and then moved to a CIA "black site" in Thailand. He was handed over to CIA agents, acting on a tip-off from MI6, and flown via the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to Tripoli, because at the time Britain and the United States were keen to build relations with Gaddafi. As a long-standing enemy of the former Libyan leader, he was imprisoned and tortured until his release in 2010 while his wife was also mistreated during her four-month incarceration. Leigh Day said documents found after Gaddafi's fall showed British complicity in his case.

The plane is believed to have been around 14 years old. Deputy PM Muhammetkaly Abulgaziev said on state TV: "According to preliminary information, the plane crashed due to a pilot error." One witness, Baktygul Kurbatova, told local media: "I woke up because of a bright red light outside. I couldn't understand what was happening. "It turns out the ceiling and the walls were crashing on us. I was so scared but I managed to cover my son's face with my hands so that debris would not fall on him." Image copyright Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Image caption At least 15 houses were destroyed as the plane appeared to overshoot its landing Image copyright EPA Image caption The jet came down on the village of Dacha-Suu, an area popular for holiday homes Image copyright AFP Image caption There were initial reports that one crew member had survived but later reports merely spoke of one missing pilot Image copyright Reuters Image caption The plane came down shortly after 07:30 local time (01:30 GMT). Visibility was poor at the time because of fog Image copyright AP Image caption There were at least four people on board the plane, officials said. A number of people have been taken to hospital with injuries, with fears the death toll could rise Image copyright Reuters Image caption One witness told AFP news agency: "The plane crashed into the houses. It killed entire families. There's nothing left of the houses. Many people were sleeping" Image copyright Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Image caption Hundreds of rescuers are working at the scene. They were joined by Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov.